Friday, April 22, 2011


Adam and I always seem to take two week vacations...or as our friend Bryant likes to say "You guys can't just go to one place, it's always two or three places." However, this past trip was different than usual. First, this way a short, four day trip to Germany only. Second, I went alone because Adam's schedule didn't allow for a trip this month and I was drying to practice the German I have been learning.

Our friend Siw invited me to spend a few days with her and to help me refine what little German I know. We had a very nice time in the little town she lives in which is only about 30 minutes by train from the city centre of Munich. She gave me a tour of her little town, Freising. We went hiking in a beautiful forest preserve, had a picnic while watching planes land at the airport, and two great dinners with her mom, Maiken. I was treated to a great breakfast at her house one day that her mom put a lot of effort into and got to meet her good friend Javier and his playful dog Chico. Siw, Javier, and I spent and entire afternoon laying in the grass of the Gartnerplatz watching the people go by and talking. The next time Adam and I are in Munich I want he and I to lie there and just watch the world go by.

I learned many new German words and refined ones I already knew. It was nice to hear people speaking the language even if I only understood about 10% of what was being said. Trying to learn a new language as an adult is quite difficult and it makes me wish that learning a different language was mandatory for all students in high school like it is in most part of Europe.

Freising, Munich, and all of Bavaria are a beautiful part of the world and I look forward to my next visit, this time with Adam in tow!

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  1. i'm glad you had such a nice time and got to visit with siw, her mother, and friend. i'm also happy that you were able experience more of the german language and hopefully this will encourage you to stick with it and become more fluent!!

    in the couple times i've been to munchen, i've absolutely loved it. it's a beautiful part of germany. i hope that we can begin to explore more of the country, perhaps find where my family is from, and together experience germany and its language!! JA!