Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm The Same Boy I Used To Be

A and I have a friend who's had a rough time of it lately. They've been actively searching for work for a while now with no luck but have only let it get them down as of recently. I want them to know that I admire their tenacity and strength. They have their faith and a great support system of family and friends and I'm thankful for that. A and I are always here for you.

Running has made it's way back into my life recently. This time around it's morphing from only a form of exercise to that plus a way to release my tensions. I've always run with music but this time I'm not and it hasn't bothered me or in my usual case, bored me. I have a goal that I'll keep to myself for now but I can say that I'm well on my way to accomplishing it.

After three weeks off it was back to work last week. So far I'm managing to maintain a calm head and not let the summer travelers get to me. I've made the switch back to my morning flights and it's made a world of difference. A.m.'s are where this stewardess belongs. Coffee or tea?

When we brought Lucy and Ali home from the shelter Lucy couldn't get enough of us and Ali wanted nothing to do with us. My how times have changed. Ali is the lover and Lucy has become the loner.  She will not let us anywhere near her except at night and then she'll sleep between one of our legs. I wish she was as loving as she used to be but I understand that cats have such differing dispositions and just let her be in the hope that one day she'll turn back into a lover again.

I dread the start of the upcoming Presidential Primary season. The way they all campaign and bash each other, on both sides, makes me not want to vote at all. I can't stand to watch or read any political news. It's disheartening but sadly at least in my opinion, a sign of what a horrible state this country is in.


  1. welcome back to keep 'em coming!

  2. i'm so impressed with your commitment to running! just make sure you make time for tennis with me, too. ;)