Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lose It

Growing up in a very small town in Northeast Ohio I couldn't wait for the day when I could get out. When it came time to consider what college to attend I didn't look at a single in-state university. All I remember thinking is that it had to be outside of Ohio. I don't think this had as much to do with Ohio as it did with my still present longing to travel and see new places. In the end I chose Eastern Michigan University for two reasons: 1) They gave in-state tuition to Ohio residents and 2) I waited so long to choose a school that they had the latest acceptance date and I was pretty much left with EMU or the local community college.

Whenever I go back to the Buckeye State I am amazed at how different it is from Illinois even though the two are just a state apart. From the way people drive to the way they talk it's as if it's a different world. When my visit comes to an end I can't wait to get back onto an airplane and head west and I always smile when I see the Chicago skyline come into view on our descent. My family will always be in Ohio (unless i can convince my mom to move closer) and it will always have a part of my heart...a small part. The other part of it belongs to the Land of Lincoln...unless it's the part that is basically a Hoosier now, but that's for another blog.


  1. ha ha!! i love this blog! ohio AND indiana are much different than chicago. but, they'll always be special places to us!

  2. that's how i feel when i go home to southern indiana. it's amazing how different things are within a five hour drive. i love seeing my parents but i'm always happy to get back to the city.