Friday, January 21, 2011

The Right Stuff - Part Two

Once we got home A got me settled into bed and ran out to get a few things plus my all important pain meds. As soon as he left my nose started bleeding...heavily. I sent him a text and asked him to hurry as I was somewhat concerned and unable to get the bleeding to stop. He came home soon and was able to change my dressing and help get the bleeding to stop, for the time being. I quickly took two pills and was soon fast asleep. I will say that the best thing I did to help the healing process so far was to sleep. Although I'm a stomach sleeper I had to make sure I stayed on my back at all times so that 1) no blood would run out of my nose and 2) I didn't put any pressure on my nose, which would only cause more bleeding.  The rest of the day passed without even and I was even able to move to the couch and catch up on some TV and watch a movie.

Day two involved much of the same thing. Lots of sleep and down time on the couch but there was a lot less blood. By the end of the day I was ready for the stents to come out and not feel so much pressure on my nostrils. I couldn't wait for the next morning to arrive so that I could get them out.

Well the morning came and I was very eager to get to the Doctor. Once there I told his PA that I could care less who took them out as long as someone did. She laughed and began cleaning out each nostril so that it was easy for her to remove each stent. Once the area around each stent was cleaned she told me to take a deep breath in through my nose and I exhaled she pulled out each stent. I wouldn't call it painful but it's not a very pleasant feeling to have something about three inches pulled out of your nostril. After the initial discomfort from this began to wear off I immediately felt a lot less pressure on the inside of my nose. What a relief. The rest of the day passed with hardly any blood and only the continued loss of taste.

Stay tuned for more on the healing process...

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