Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When All Is Said And Done

What is happening to this country? With each passing day I get more disgusted while at the same time resign myself to the fact that this country is no longer a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. It's a country of business executives, for big business, and by business. 

There are proposals to do away with mortgage interest and property tax credits. If these credits are eliminated then the glut of empty houses we currently have now will look like a drop in the bucket. Fewer Americans would want to buy a home and can you blame them? It's no longer the American dream to buy a home, it's the dream of banks and mortgage brokers who make obnoxious amounts of money off your mortgage. The same banks and brokers that helped create the current economic crisis I might add.

Republicans claim taxing the rich at the same level as the middle-class will create jobs. These so called wealthiest Americans start small businesses that will help the unemployed find work and won't be able to do that if they pay more in taxes. Yet, unemployment still stands at roughly 9% and the rich are effectively paying the same tax rate as people who make far less than they do. Yet another line of crap out of the mouths of our politicians. Let me help you decode this into two words if you haven't already...big business.

The Supreme Court is a joke. Republicans like to use the term "activist judges." Well, our current majority in the court is just another example that can be used to support that term. It just so happens that instead of the term being used to describe liberal judges I'm using it to describe conservative judges. A friend once told me that an activist judge is easy to define...it's a judge that doesn't vote the way you like. Ruling that corporations, the largest and richest source of campaign contributions, can donate unlimited sums of money to candidates is just another example of how to make sure big business wins in this country.

It's time America woke up. The vast majority of so called conservative Republicans don't care about  family values and morals.  They use your beliefs to lie to you so that you'll vote for them. This is supposed to be the greatest country on earth (at least that's what been shoved down our throats for decades.) Why then are we moving backwards instead of forwards? History shows us that moving backwards is never a good thing...unless you learn history in Texas where they rewrite it to their liking, then you'll probably think everything I just wrote is wrong.

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