Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Guitar Strumming Solo

If you were a follower of the old blog you know that the title of each blog rarely had anything to do with the subject. This practice wasn't something I did on purpose but a product of something a friend of mine did to me one day and my response to said act. I remember saying right then and there that "this has to go somewhere in my blog." It was that night when I came up with the random idea to make it the title. I had no intention of doing it all the time but the next time I posted I did the same thing with something random that popped into my head.

I intend to continue that practice with the new blog. Maybe no one even notices the difference between the titles and subjects and if you do you probably don't even begin to think what the title means. If you are someone who likes to figure things out good luck to you, there really is NO reason behind 99% of my blog titles. With that's to more complete randomness.

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