Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Like It

Today's trip for work was very last 105am this morning last minute. I was OK with it though as it was for time and a half due to a scheduling shortage. I had gotten a few things together last night in anticipation of this very thing happening but I stopped short of packing my suitcase for one reason or another. Well, this morning after about three hours of sleep I got up with plenty of time to get myself and my suitcase ready, feed Em, and clean out his litter box before leaving for the airport. As I drove to work I realized that I had left a nice turkey sandwich in the fridge that I had made for lunch today. Having no time to go back and get it and telling myself how stupid it would be to turn around and go back home for a turkey sandwich I figured I'd pick something up later in the day.

Once I got to work I sat down to take my allergy medicine and Chantix. Imagine my surprise to find out that I had forgotten my Chantix. My heart started racing. Would I start smoking immediately? And what about the happy mood that little pill had put me in for the past seven days? I was filled with dread that missing it for almost three days would put me back to square one. I knew I had the willpower to resist the temptation if it crept back into my life but I was dreading the possibility of having to endure the first few days of taking Chantix and all that it put me through. I quickly decided to call the hotel I was staying in and see if there was a pharmacy anywhere nearby that I could have my doctor call in a three day supply to. Sure enough, there was a Walgreens nearby. I immediately called and left a message to have the doctor prescribe me my little happy. Within two hours I got a wonderful message from his nurse saying they had called it in. The panic started to lift from my mind and I began to formulate just how I was going to pick up my script. When I arrived at the airport I asked the van driver if he could stop by the store and wait while I picked up pills. He said "I can drop you off and you can call us to get you next time we do an airport run." My response..."Can't you just wait, it'll take five minutes max." His reply "I HAVE to return to the hotel, we're booked on airport runs." "Forget it" I said. It was as if I had been denied my drug. On the drive to the hotel we passed the Walgreens and I devised a plan using the GPS on my iPhone to walk to the store and get it. Walk along four lane highways and through office parks. When we got to the hotel I asked the concierge how long a walk would it be..."maybe 20 minutes?" He laughed and said "more like 30 EACH WAY." At this point I didn't would power walk the entire way and make it my work out for today but I was getting those pills.

In the span of ten minutes I had made it to my room (which is at the END of the opposite side of the hotel) changed and returned to the lobby to begin my trek. Before I could set out the nice woman at reception said that someone would take me and wait for me, that she didn't want me walking as it would be dark soon. Finally, someone who understood the gravity of the situation I thought to myself. The same van driver who was so busy not thirty minutes before now had all the time in the world but I didn't care....he was helping me get my fix and about fifteen minutes later I had those small, white pills in my hands. My day was complete. Looking back on it now I laugh and wonder if my co-workers think I'm some kind of junkie. Either way, I'm still smoke free and happy as a lark!


  1. you needed your fix!!

    glad you got everything straightened out and were able to get your crack!

  2. glad you got it! i'd hate for the hotel staff to have found you the next morning curled up in the fetal position on the bathroom floor and chain smoking. ;)