Thursday, September 2, 2010

This Would Be Touching If I Liked You More

Day 1

After waking up early and deciding that it was too humid to go for a run we grabbed breakfast at the hotel and then took a walk to the local Walgreen's to get a few last minute things for the cruise. As per usual I immediately began to sweat. By the time we reached the drug store my shirt was drenched  since even simple walking seems to be way too much for me and my sweat glands go into overdrive.

Returning to the hotel we packed up what little we had unpacked and made our way to the ship. The entire check-in process and voyage to our cabin was uneventful and surprisingly quick. We explored our cabin and unpacked since we carried our own bags on and within 30 minutes we were ready to hit the ship. We wanted to grab a quick bite to eat in the buffet before a lot of other guests got on the ship but found that many other people had the same idea. After standing in the buffet line for about 5 minutes I was reminded of one of the few things that I dislike about cruising...the buffet line. I had the pleasure of being behind someone who picked each piece of lettuce out individually. Needless to say the line didn't move for a few minutes. After lunch we roamed around the ship and quickly realized that there were A LOT of kids on board. The ship did have a huge kids pool and activities area and we hoped that they would stay there all the time. We were to find out over time that this wouldn't be the case.

For dinner that night I wanted to treat my friend to dinner at one of the specialty restaurants since it was his birthday. He chose Chops, the steakhouse on board. We had a great dinner and I had an excellent fillet. I always enjoy my dinners there and recommend it to anyone who cruises on Royal Caribbean.

That night when we went to sleep I discovered that the mattresses were pillow top, which is a rarity for a cruise ship...or maybe it was because we had upgraded ourselves to a Jr. Suite. In any case it was one hell of a good night sleep.

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