Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why Do You Hate My Friends

Day 4

I had planned all along to only get off the ship in our third port of call. The ship is deserted when you are in port and it can be very relaxing and most importantly, quiet. The thought of not having to fight for a deck chair with a 75 year old lady was appealing to me from the moment we booked the cruise.

By 9am I had worked out and was laying by the Solarium pool with only one other couple. At one point a guy started chatting me up and he and I just sat in the pool talking about what we did, where we lived, and much to my dismay since I was on vacation, all the the types of airplanes he'd been on. Said man (I think his name was Mike?) appeared at my lunch table out of nowhere and proceeded to eat lunch with me, again much to my dismay. What couldn't I just be left alone for ONE day?

After lunch I made a snap decision and got off the ship to grab a quick souvenir for myself and my mom. It was about 100 degrees with 100% humidity so I took a short stroll around the tourist village and quickly made my purchases, made a quick call to Adam, and snapped a few photos before I got back on board.
Back on board I decided more sun was in order and proceeded to get even darker while losing about five pounds through sweating. When I'd had enough of laying on a sweat soaked towel I made my way back to the cabin and took what turned out to be a two hour nap. It was pure bliss.

That night we opted for a very relaxed dinner at Johnny Rockets. After consuming an original cheeseburger, onion rings, french fries, a fountain coke (or two), and one large vanilla milkshake I was ready for that pillow top mattress.