Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Angry Birds

Shortly after we bought our condo Adam started mentioning that we should get a cleaning service to come in once or twice a month. I always replied that there was no need since we are able to clean ourselves. Once we got Emerson and all the hair that came along with a cat it was even harder to keep out condo clean but still I was not open to getting a maid.

When our little guy passed away I quickly discovered that there wasn't as much dust and of course cat hair. Cleaning became a little easier and our home didn't look dirty the day after cleaning as it had come to when we had Em. It was a month of cleanliness. Now that we've gotten two kitties, Lucy & Ali, I've once again discovered that there is hair and dust everywhere and it takes hours to get it all cleaned. After today's marathon cleaning session I'm thinking I may be willing to reopen the cleaning service discussion with Adam in the new year...but don't get your hopes up too much babe.

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