Monday, November 1, 2010

We Used To Wait For It

One of my favorite cities to have a layover in is Philadelphia. As with any big city there are numerous neighborhoods to discover, restaurants to try, and bars to grab a drink in. Each time I'm here I try to go to a new place whether it's a neighborhood, store, or cafe.

On one of my layovers last Spring I took the suburban train to the Chestnut Hill neighborhood and wandered up and down the streets. I also attempted to find the entrance to the Morris Arboretum but only succeeded in walking around the perimeter fence for an hour with no luck. How hard could it be to find the entrance to a park that's square? Apparently for me, quite. It didn't matter though because I had a great day and it was here in Chestnut Hill that I tried my first (and last...too much cheese) Philly Cheesesteak.

This morning I got up early and headed out to grab a quick breakfast and coffee. The crisp fall air that hit me the second I walked out of the hotel was a reminder that winter is coming quickly. Luckily I had brought my beanie and heavier coat. I stopped at Cosi and opted for a hot apple cider instead of coffee since fall was soon to be over and I hadn't yet had a hot cider...well, at least the non-alcoholic kind. I walked down Walnut & Chestnut Streets and found myself on Independence Mall, home to the Liberty Bell and Constitution Hall. I sat on a bench in the sun and just watched the people walk around me. Seeing as this is one of the places that Adam & I want to visit I didn't go into either of them. I look forward to exploring these places one day soon.

On the way back to the hotel I walked down Market Street and through City Hall and discovered that you can take a guided tour of it. Hmm. That may be on the agenda for next time.

I was almost back to the hotel when I was accosted by a homeless man who wanted money and was very angry that I didn't give him any. Ah, the joys of city life. If you ever get the chance to visit this great city do. There is so much for everyone to see and do than just the few things I've talked about. They have great museums, shopping, theatre, and nightlife.


  1. this is what makes me jealous about your job - you guys getting to travel around and see new (or repeating favorites) places all the time. glad you enjoy exploring!

  2. philly is a great city to see and do many things! you could have visited the liberty bell because i've already done that (on my first overnight in philly). and how can you not enjoy the philly cheesesteak? was it the cheese wiz that was too much for you?

    glad you had a great start to your day!