Monday, November 15, 2010


A few days ago one of my co-workers and I were discussing how her husbands' biological clock is going off and she wants to wait another couple of years until they have their first child. She asked if A and I wanted kids. I told her the standard answer I give everyone..."we don't want kids. we have a niece and nephew we spoil. we like to travel." Besides, neither of us has the necessary equipment to have a child and it's VERY expensive to do surrogacy and adoption. I thought that was the end of the discussion.

A day later we came across a lady with a newborn. He was so cute at two and a half months. No crying, fussing, or the usual chaos that comes with newborns in our line of work. For the entire three hours we spent with this lady and her baby he was a perfect angel. I know that this was probably just a fluke, that he's usually not as docile but it brought up the baby talk again between my co-worker and I and I made the comment that seeing the little baby got my biological clock ringing every so quietly. Would I like a little bundle of joy of my own?

One a side note, I may have to pick A up off the floor when he reads this post.


  1. You are getting your little bundles of joy tomorrow!

  2. it's kitty day! i bet the two little fur balls you bring home today will help cure that broody feeling.

  3. i used to think i wanted children, but then our niece and nephew came into our lives. i love them to death and know that i can give them back to their mother when we're done with them!

    and teresa is right, we have our new children here at home with us! welcome home ali and lucy!

  4. AND, the mother of your niece and nephew would be MORE than willing to loan you those little bundles of joy ANYTIME...ya know, just to curb that feeling. Seriously, ANY TIME.